FINALLY — A best-of-the-best manifesting program that combines accelerated learning with personal attention — so you won't just learn the secrets of faster manifesting, you will actually USE them — right NOW — all the way through your own miracle results.

Stop collecting information about manifesting, and start using it — TODAY — to create what you want.

Can you really have the money you want? The romance you want? The overflowing good health and energy? A new house?
A new car? A new job? An engagement ring? A promotion?
Something else?

Here's how to go from collecting information ABOUT manifesting
to actually using this skill to create your results with ease.

From: Michael Campbell & Sean Collins

Michael Campbell
author of The Truth About Manifesting
Sean Collins
author of Good Money, the Energy Flow Advantage

Monday, 12:39 pm

Dear Friend,

As they say in filmmaking, let's cut to the chase.

There is a LOT of advice out there about the power of your mind to change your world. Call it manifesting, creative visualization, the "law of attraction," the "Secret" or any other name you'd like.

It's the power of your mind to make your life the way you want it.

Maybe you want...

  • More cash, more easily
  • More joy or more fun. (Or maybe just a greater feeling of adventure -- the way life used to have)
  • More feeling of energy and aliveness in your body
  • The sense of personal power that comes from knowing you can directly control -- quite literally create -- the circumstances you desire in life
  • The ability to live life on your terms -- getting what you want when you want it, not being part of the herd that gradually sleepwalks to the grave
  • An overflowing sense of freedom, of complete and deeply felt liberation -- not just from petty annoyances, but from any condition that doesn't fit you anymore

Ask yourself truly, "What is it that you want most in your life right now?"

By now you've probably seen teacher after teacher tell you stories about THEIR results, or the results their students have gotten.

That's great for them, but what about YOU? (Yes, YOU — reading this right now.)

What about YOUR miracles? Where are YOUR results? Do these principles of mind and creation work for YOU? If so, then how about proving it?

What's been stopping you?

Your brain has limits on what it will see, notice or permit you to have.

There are 'locks' on your attention, completely determined by your habits of thinking, posture or breathing.

This program opens those locks and hands you the keys.

Beware the Law of Attraction

The main problems with virtually all the material on law of attraction, manifesting, or mind power is that it's incomplete.

Often the authors don't actually realise it's incomplete because they're doings things unconsciously that they don't realise they're leaving out.

Ask any pool expert how they play and they'll tell you what they think they're doing.

But if you actually model their internal processes and physical performance you'll notice that they're usually doing something totally different that gives them that mastery.

We've worked with dozens of role models from various fields of mind-training, and modeled many different approaches to manifesting, to distill what they have in common.

When someone is successful at manifesting, we say that the person has a very good "hit-rate." Over the last 35+ years between us we've kept detailed notes about those people whose hit-rates were consistently the highest, and importantly what those people ALL have in common.

It also helped to watch their STUDENTS' performance, to identify what was missing when the student tried to match the success of the teacher. There are three VERY common pitfalls that people fall into:

#1. Manifesting a really vague or badly planned project.

The universe seems to have a sense of humour and you MUST be specific with your intentions. You aim to manifest "more money" and then find change down the back of the sofa. You manifest 'more fun' -- hoping for romance -- and instead get free video games.

#2. Manifesting an outcome without correcting the underlying cause of its absence.

Your mind is always creative, very often the fastest way to manifesting is to uncover what (in your mind) is preventing its appearance. When you don't uncover what is stopping you from already having it, you'll tend to either get no results, get the exact opposite result of your manifesting OR have your desire manifest but then snatched away suddenly as our mind snaps back to its original default settings!

#3. Manifesting with poorly leveraged, 'out of date' technologies.

If you try and manifest but are simply using old-fashioned or very weak energy processes it CAN still work... but it just takes longer and many people give up before the thoughts they've been broadcasting have really had much effect.

The mind field has advanced considerably since the days of Napoleon Hill and Wallace Wattles!

As a rule of thumb you should be getting leads, opportunities or the outcome itself within a few days MAXIMUM. If you're NOT you deserve to be using the latest stuff!

Ultimately the technique of manifesting is following a series of steps carefully. Just lke a recipe, or a travel plan. The human neurology is wired to create miracles, if you will let it.

That's why we created the PushButton Manifesting Program — a carefully structured sequence to make manifesting easier and faster.

Our PushButton Manifesting Program includes the following...

Secrets for quickly brainstorming YOUR ideal future

There are only 3 phases in successful manifesting

Whatever you do, Make sure you
have all three

  1. You need crystal clear intentions
  2. You then need to optimise your mind to eliminate any counter thoughts. (In other words, you'll need to upgrade your identity to having so that keeping the result is natural and automatic)
  3. You need to broadcast those intentions to the universe in an effective way -- a way that brings you and the events you desire together, and fast.

Laser Targeting Tactics: how to refine raw ideas into precision targets you can easily hit

NLP secrets for eliminating 'counter-intentions' from messing with your projects

How to 'Remote Scan' the future and make sure your manifestation is a good match for you

How to quickly analyse multiple projects and clearly know which one's the best to do next (and eliminate the time sucking 'Aladdin effect')

How to create a magnetic future that lets you use manifesting for maximum effect in every area of your life

Building Your Peak Performance Mindset: getting rid of internal blocks to achievement and upgrading your mind is the missing ingredient in many systems

How to use breathwork, imagery and energy drills to rapidly dissolve internal stresses that interferes with the easy accomplishment of desires

The "Aladdin" problem, and how fix it in seconds with the incredibly easy Goal Matrix. (If you've ever wondered WHAT to manifest first, this tool will save you a LOT of time and frustration.)

The incredible power that breathing has on your consciousness. How to use it zap stress in literally seconds, and why this is a pre-requisite for faster manifesting.

How to remove mental chatter from your mind and body in literally seconds -- so you can think clearly and FEEL better.

Pleasure Tolerance: How to find and raise your body's capacity for physical and emotional pleasure, and why this is CRUCIAL for all of your manifesting.

How to step OUT of your consciousness as easily as a Scuba diver takes off a Scuba suit. How to take a vacation from your thinking and swim in the waters of infinite genius.

How to step into an expert, a celebrity, or anyone, and see things from THEIR point of view. (Be careful with this technique, it's like a mental internet you never knew existed.)

How to step out of space AND time, to map future events at your creative level. It's like the Cosmic Ordering Service on steroids.

Manifesting Amplifier #1: Breathwork - Mastering the 'energy pump' of breathwork to supercharge your attention while relaxing your body.

Manifesting Amplifier #2: Vocalization - A little trick that rivets your attention on a mental image, effortlessly, and lets your concentration become like steel.

Manifesting Amplifier #3: Attention-Switching - The kind-hearted method for guaranteeing your intentions will manifest in a faster AND happier way.

Manifesting Powertools - now it's time to put your foot to the floor! Add some nitro to the mix and rapidly magnetise the events you desire by learning:

Secrets of Image Streaming for easy meditation mastery

How to make sure your attention stays locked on target like a pit bull (The biggest block to visualization is "monkey mind." This technique cures monkey mind INSTANTLY.)

How to make your visualisations SUPER powerful, way beyond mere creative visualisation or alpha training

How to amplify your emotional fields to magnify the power of your thoughts

How to amp up your bioenergy fields for even greater thought power

One simple step to virtually guarantee the success of your creations

Simple guided meditations to teach you all you need for MASSIVE manifestation success for the rest of your life. From this point on, nothing will be the same again!

Now, what could be better than learning the core skills listed above?Master them FAST and make them AUTOMATIC!

PushButton Manifesting also includes a month's membership in the Manifesting Network, a source for ongoing support, troubleshooting and feedback.

It's a like a personal seminar every month. You receive:

  1. Personal and Private access to our members-only Troubleshooting and Question-&-Answer calls. You can personally ask us any questions you have about your own manifesting projects, or about getting better results.

    Don't miss this opportunity. We've done lots of troubleshooting for clients through the years, and have accumulated a storehouse of solutions. We've also run into a lot of brick walls of our own over the last 35+ years! Either way, you get to save yourself a ton of time, money and pain by having us available to help you, and this is included for FREE with your membership. If either of us had time to do 1-1 consulting it'd run you at least $250 a call, but is included FREE for you as a member.

  2. Exclusive Access to regular, unique, cutting-edge interviews with other leading mind-power experts — best-selling authors like Win Wenger (intelligence enhancement pioneer), Burt Goldman (mind-power expert and creator of several groundbreaking Silva Method Advanced Courses) and Phil Laut (Money Psychology expert and author of the bestseller Money Is My Friend). Every month is another audio with a new expert. These members-only audios are not for sale to the public, and you will receive them FREE with your membership.

  3. Personal and Private Access to new drills, tools, techniques, and cutting edge mindtraining not available anywhere else. We are CONSTANTLY researching newer and faster methods of creating results. We will research FOR you, and bring you exactly what we've discovered. The value for this is literally priceless, but is yours FREE.

  4. Members-Only Access to a growing library of mind power, manifesting and personal growth downloads, ebooks, audios and software.

  5. Members-Only FREE lifetime updates to the core training program. You get the updated version of the Core Push Button Manifesting System as soon as it's available. We will send you an an email letting you know what's new for downloading.

  6. No post-seminar let-down! No more flying solo, trying to use the material before techniques fade into memory. Instead you have Personal Access to a vibrant community of like-minded manifestation enthusiasts -- people passionately pursuing the creation of their dreams, offering an antidote to the dreaded (and time-wasting!) 'post seminar slump' that people often go through.

  7. You'll hang out with some of the smartest, more knowledgable people on the planet!

Now let's address some concerns you might have about this program, to put your mind at ease before you sign up

"This manifesting stuff's a load of crap. There's no scientific evidence this works."

Well, there are three entire scientific fields with well over a hundred years of intensively researched data that says so — in biology, physics and parapsychology.

For some light intro reading start with Lyall Watson's Supernature, Michael Talbot's Holographic Universe and Lynn McTaggarts The Field and The Intention Experiment.

Then check out the following biologists on how intention affects YOUR body: Dr. Candace Pert's Molecules of Emotion, Dr. Bruce Lipton's Biology of Belief, and Dr. Rupert Sheldrake's The Sense of Being Stared At.

Then check out the following Physicists on how consciousness affects matter - Dr. William Tiller Conscious Acts of Creation: The Emergence of a New Physics, Dr. Fred A. Wolfe Mind into Matter: A new Alchemy of Science and Spirit, and Dr. Frijof Capra The Tao of Physics.

Then take a look at the following Parapsychologists - Dr. Dean Radin, The Conscious Universe, Robert Becker and Gary Selden, The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life, and Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder, Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain.

But to be honest, it's MUCH faster just to test manifesting for yourself than reading all of those!

Then just keep track of YOUR 'hit rate', and watch your confidence SOAR.

One or two results may well just be coincidence, 3-5 is merely interesting, 10 in a row suggests there's something going on here, and when you hit 50 you'll no longer care what anyone else has to say, you'll KNOW from your own experience not only is manifesting the real deal but YOU can do it at will, that's where the real fun starts! We will show you EXACTLY how to increase your hit rate and keep it high.

"My husband/wife/rabbi/cat isn't into this mind stuff at all, how do I get them 'on board'?"

To be honest, we highly recommend NOT sharing your methodology OR your goals with anyone until you've clocked up past 50 hits or more and are very comfortable doing so at will.

Open minded Skepticisim is perfectly cool, but outright disbelief and 'negative psi' from others can kill your confidence and mess with the results. You can overcome this, but why make things hard for yourself. Let them in (or not;) on your secrets when you've a big pile of goodies to show for it!

"I've already dropped thousands at seminars by _________________ and _______________________ and have nothing to show for it, how are you guys different?"

There are a lot of 'feel-good' books out their at the moment with NO verifiable processes in them. A bad technique is going to take MUCH more work and repetitions to make it work, so it's a good idea to get a realistic ballpark idea of exactly how much training is needed to do the skill for real.

'Quick and easy' sells a LOT of books to wishful thinkers - we recommend you invest about 25-30 minutes a day for at least 3 weeks to get the basic practices mastered. If that's too much 'work' for you, then best of luck to you but this program isn't for you!

Finally, just remember: there's a lot of people who are selling 'feel good' ideas with hardly any actual mind training in there. You need the best tools, then you need to practice them to a basic level of competency then you need to experiment until you're comfortable using them on demand, for anything you want. Mastery is your goal, not kissing some guru's ass or spouting the same platitudes as the rest of the sheep..

It's not rocket science but it does take some training in the right things.

"What kind of help can I get if I've got questions?"

You have 24/7 access to an interactive community of smart mindpower enthusiasts, plus regular in-depth question-and-answer calls with us (MIchael and Sean) where we'll answer ANY of your questions, building into an enormous database of audio material for you to benefit from.

"What kind of guarantee do I get this'll work for me?"

We can't guarantee that - YOU do the work, YOU enjoy the results, like anything else in life. We can say that everyone we've worked with that's followed our guidance has made HUGE upward shifts in all areas they've applied their skills too.

The people who've got our stuff and let it sit there on their hard-drives gathering pixel dust are usually in the same situaion they were in years ago, the difference is whether you actually USE the material!;).

All the power, wealth, romance and fun you can handle is yours for the taking, once you've learned how. It's that simple.

"Is there a guarantee?"

Yes, we want you to be completely without here's your guarantee: If you decide membership of the ManifestingNetwork is not for you, you can cancel at any time. If you don't like the PushButton Manifesting Core Systerm course? Just let us know and we'll refund you promptly, no hard feelings. Simple as that.

Order NOW and receive these extra bonuses for FREE

FREE Bonus #1: Michael Campbell's Image Streaming Power Tools (a $97 value)
3-1/2 hrs of penetrating insight from trainer Michael Campbell, including live demo's and complete troubleshooting. Join Michael as he shows you step-by-step how to use and apply this remarkable method for rapid creativity and brain development. Increase your IQ, EQ, g
enerate easily usable solutions to ANY imaginable problem (literally ANY problem you can think of), using a simple tool you probably have in your house right now. Currently selling online for $97, this is yours FREE.

FREE Bonus #2: "Good Money from the Dark Side of Your Mind" (a $97 value)
10 audios from Sean Collins on the topic of hidden obstacles to moneymaking. How to use your mind to create more money in your life, by changing your beliefs, and removing your deepest obstacles to wealth accumulation. This is currently selling online for $97, and is included FREE with your membership.

FREE Bonus #3: The 7-Day Billionaire - The Complete Audio Program.
Step into 6 billionaires and stretch your imagination beyond its current financial limits. (Your models are Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, Tony Robbins, plus a VERY powerful mystery guest.) Currently for sale online for $29.97, you also receive this program for FREE.

Let's go over this again....

Here's a round-up of what you get when you purchase now:

tkYou get our core 21 day Push Button Manifesting System multi-media course — which means you'll be mastering the core skills for consistent results over a short intensive period.

tkYou get 27 audios — 16 tutorial audios and 18 actual drills that download the skills into your brain fast. Listen as often as you'd like, or until these skills become automatic.

tk You get 5 videos to watch that reinforces your understanding from a visual learners perspective.

tk You get 15 worksheets to print off that builds into your own notes of what you've learned, with worksheets to fill in as you do the drills.

tkYou get reminder 'cheat sheets' of all the major points from the audio, which means you can keep all your notes in one place for easy study.

tkYou get expert troubleshooting advice directly from us (Michael and Sean) through the Manifesting Network forums, emails and members-only telephone conference calls

tickYou get automatic updates for life. As we're continually developing new material, when the audio program is enhanced or refined, you receive the new version. This guarantees you have the best value possible.

To order today and receive your $371 in bonuses, click here.

We look forward to meeting you in the Manifesting Network, and personally hearing about your success!

Meanwhile, Happy Manifesting!


Michael Campbell & Sean Collins

P.S. Remember, the purpose of this course is not just to TEACH you the best-of-the-best manifesting tools. It's to get you to USE the tools to create the results you want. That's why we offer a guarantee, and GIVE you our personal contact information. You will be dealing with us personally through the membership site, exclusive forums and private emails. Click here to take action now!

P.P.S. Before you order, ask yourself...

Are you ALREADY manifesting your heartfelt wants, with effortless joy?

  • Love-life exactly the way you want? Making love in the quality and quantity you prefer?
  • Making the money you want, from pleasurable satisfying work?
  • Having happy unexpected windfalls of money and other good fortune?
  • Vibrant health, with an abundant overflow of feel-good energy in your body?

And these are the BASICS. This doesn't even include having what you want -- the SPECIFIC results you want -- in your golf game, tennis, gambling, dancing, martial arts, in WHATEVER is your pleasure.

THIS course was designed to help you create these results, guaranteed.


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2008 Michael Campbell & Sean Collins